We help you hire a product developer.

We source, vet & bootcamp the product-centric developer you need, to join your team remotely and in less than 2 months.

How our partnership works

Talk with our CTO

A 30 minute meeting to better understand your tech stack, DevOps & the desired skillset.

Candidates sourcing & vetting
1 month

Hire your developer through United Remote

No contracts, no legislation to worry about & no visas.

A bootcamp tailored to your stack
1 month

your new team member

Seamless Onboarding
1 month

Get your first invoice

One invoice to rule them all (Salary, Workspace & Hardware)

Your startup needs a product developer

You can care about Product as much as you’d like, if your developer doesn’t, your startup will suffer. The people we help you hire live and breathe startups, the only ones who make it through are the ones who have what it takes to be a Product Hacker.

Hackers hired by hackers

Like the old saying goes, it takes one to know one. Non-technical recruiters reject 50% of applicants by pattern matching, often times missing on that brilliant hacker with the uncommon background. That’s why we believe in tech hiring done by tech people.

We help you make “remote” work

On-boarding a new team member can be tricky, even more so when they're joining your team remotely. That's why we offer that our CTO mentors your developer during 30 days to get them up to speed on your product & tech stack.

Our hiring engine


As we started building a community around our passion for tech, mostly through our tech podcast and local dev groups sponsoring, our brand has started acting as a local talent magnet.


We don’t look at resumes. We hunt for tech passionate minds, so we prefer to look at side projects, coding skills and practical/technical know-how.

The coding challenge

It’s built to assess good grasp of software engineering best practices. We emphasize on project structure, code quality and attention to User Experience.

Technical interviews

Candidates must show good communicational skills, structured thinking, and a readiness to learn.

Hire your developer

Hire the best candidates through United Remote, & have them start the bootcamp right away.

Tailored Bootcamp

We craft a bootcamp tailored to your tech stack, software engineering process and product’s scope.

We can help you hire the product developer your startup needs

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