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What if 89% of the engineers you interview get hired?

We hand you the most suited candidates for you to interview.
And we help you hire them wherever they are.

Everyone seems to agree that talent is evenly distributed. Yet when it comes to hiring, most companies only tap into the talent pools at their doorstep. And that's a perfectly valid option, until hiring starts to take unreasonable amounts of time & money.

As your hiring partner, we empower you to tap into new talent pools around the world, and enable you to hire the best person for the job wherever they are, without the hassle.

Our hiring engine


Our talent acquisition team works on being a local talent magnet through our Tech podcast, local dev groups sponsoring and targeted Ads. In parallel, our internal sourcing product analyzes data from Github & Stackoverflow to surface passive talent.


We don’t look at resumes. Instead we focus on side-projects & automated skill tests through the quiz platform we built. And through the platform's analytics, we're able to gather a lot of data around the candidate and the quiz itself, so we can continuously iterate on it.

The coding challenge

We look at how fluent the developer is with dev tools & dev environment, and we try to get a grasp of their thought process when building a feature. Every decision they make is a cue.

Technical interviews

Candidates must show structured thinking, a readiness to learn, and good communicational skills (crucial in remote collaborations). The final technical interview is done by you.

Hire your developer

Once you decide it's a match, you can hire the candidate through us. We take care of the compliance & HR layer to remove any headaches from the process.

Tailored Bootcamp

We craft a training tailored to your tech stack, software engineering process and product’s scope. It helps bring your new hire up to speed and ease their onboarding.

Startups need a product developer

You can care about Product as much as you’d like, if your developer doesn’t, your startup will suffer. The people we help you hire live and breathe startups. They're technical engineers who know, own and impact the entire product they're working on.

Your Talent Acquisition Engine

It's led by senior engineers who are doing this full-time, with two internal products, one for sourcing & another for tech assessments. We've been fine-tuning it for the past 3 years to get the accuracy we have right now. And you can see how it all works from the inside during the demo call.

Infrastructure to make it happen

Hiring the best person for the job can come with a few headaches if they're not in your country. So we added a layer to take care of payroll, compliance & their workspace setup for you.
One monthly invoice to cover it all.

How our partnership works

45 min call with our VPoE

To go over your tech stack, DevOps, desired skillset... Also, for you to see how the engine works & know what to expect.

Down Payment to launch the search

This is entirely refundable if you don't end up hiring through us.

Sourcing & Vetting

Using side-projects and automated skill tests through our quiz platform.

Final Interview

You interview the final candidates, and make a decision.

Hire your developer

Hiring through our entity means you don't have to worry about compliance, or local legislation.

A training tailored to your stack

To bring them up to speed and ease the onboarding on your end.

Official Start Date

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