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EDYN hired 2 iOS developers

“ We approached United Remote because we needed to launch v2 of the mobile apps for the Edyn Water Valve. United Remote provided us with the extra staff we needed. Within days, their engineers had perfectly integrated with our mobile team and were delivering features and fixes.

What was unique about the experience provided by United Remote is the fact that their engineers - apart from being very talented - worked closely with our team, communicating using Slack and Asana. Unlike many contractors, the United Remote engineers felt like part of our team and really cared about delivering on time.

We wouldn't have been able to launch v2 of our apps in time without the extra staff HF provided, and we certainly would use their services again. ”

Mamadou Bobo Diallo

Director Software Engineering, EDYN

Acembly hired 2 Angularjs developers & 2 Rails Developer

“ All the players on United Remote’s team have been fantastic! Most importantly they are delivering as agreed at a very high level. We currently have a team of 4 developers. Great communicators and focused on delivering high quality code. We look forward to a long term engagement for our current dev and beyond ”

Patrick Kennedy

CEO, Acembly

effiCity hired 2 fullstack developers

“Working with UR has been full of delightful surprises. Our first hire, six months ago, was soon followed by a second hire three months later. Both hires have brought a lot to the team, they’re proactive, resourceful, and don’t hesitate to take initiative.

They’re also quick, efficient, and with great tech skills in both front and backend development. We were pleasantly surprised by how very familiar they are with tools like Gitlab, CI, Rancher... In addition to developing over our current existing systems, they were able to take the lead on the development of a new standalone scope that is essential to our network, from scratch, and on very tight deadlines. Not only did they manage to deliver on time, they also showed fantastic implication in the project."

François d'Illiers

CTO, effiCity

Your Startup needs a Product Developer

> You can care about Product as much as you’d like, if your developer doesn’t, your startup will suffer. With our hiring and bootcamping method, we aim to produce what’s known as a Product Hacker. We believe it’s the only profile that makes sense for a startup. The people we hire live and breath startups, the only ones who make it in are the ones driven by everything that’s shaping the tech culture these days.

Hackers hired by hackers

> At most companies, non-technical recruiters reject 50% of applicants by pattern matching, and that developer that reflects the company culture and the background of the founders can go unnoticed right under the recruiter’s nose. Like the old saying goes, it takes one to know one. That’s why we believe in tech hiring done by tech people.

We help you make “remote” work

> On-boarding new team members is a necessary pain, let alone if they’re joining the team remotely, and we often wish we could simply let our clone take care of it while we go about our “real work”. Well, now you can do just that. Once you brief our CTO & VP of Engineering, they guarantee your hacker a custom on-boarding, free of charge. That’s availability and mentoring during 30 days to get them up to speed on your product & your tech stack while you remain unbothered.

Our hiring Engine

As we started building a community around our passion for tech, mostly through our tech podcast and local dev groups sponsoring, our brand has started acting as a local talent magnet.
The Coding Challenge
It’s built to assess good grasp of software engineering best practices. We emphasize on project structure, code quality and attention to User Experience.
Hired by United Remote on your behalf
The best candidates are hired full time and start the bootcamp right away.
We don’t look at resumes. We hunt for tech passionate minds, so we prefer to look at side projects, coding skills and practical/technical know-how.
Technical Interviews
Candidates must show good communicational skills, a structured thinking, and a readiness to learn. Also, they must secure 2 endorsements from the in-house team during their one month bootcamp.
Tailored Bootcamp
We deploy a bootcamp tailored to your tech stack, software engineering process and product’s scope.