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We help companies work with remote talented developers by offering them a hassle-free environment to collaborate.

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A contract with a U.S. based Entity

We spare you all the legal paperwork trouble, by providing you with an employee loan contract you sign with our entity in the U.S.

Monthly Invoices

We provide you with a monthly invoice to spare you all the extra taxes on salaries.

On Demand mentoring

Upon request, we provide your developers with senior mentors when they need help solving any complex technical challenges.

Fast Developer replacement

In case a developer leaves in the middle of a project, we provide emergency replacement to keep the work going while looking for another match.

Emergency recruitment

When the workload gets up, the deadlines are tight and you just can't run another recruitment campaign, we propose you inhouse ready to join developers.


They trusted us

EDYN hired 2 iOS developers

We approached United Remote because we needed to launch v2 of the mobile apps for the Edyn Water Walve. United Remote provided us with the extra staff we needed. Within days, their engineers had perfectly integrated with our mobile team and were delivering features and fixes.

What was unique about the experience provided by United Remote is the fact that their engineers - apart from being very talented - worked closely with our team, communicating using Slack and Asana. Unlike many contractors, the United Remote engineers felt like part of our team and really cared about delivering on time.

We wouldn't have been able to launch v2 of our apps in time without the extra staff HF provided, and we certainly would use their services again.

Mamadou Bobo Diallo

Mamadou Bobo Diallo

Director Software Engineering, EDYN

About EDYN

Edyn keeps you connected to your garden by giving you the tools to make your garden thrive, so you always know precisely what’s needed to keep your plants healthy.

Acembly hired 2 Angularjs developers & 2 Rails Developer

All the players on United Remote’s team have been fantastic!  Most importantly they are delivering as agreed at a very high level.  We currently have a team of 4 developers.

Great communicators and focused on delivering high quality code. We look forward to a long term engagement for our current dev and beyond

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy

About Acembly

Infrastructure Management Platform for Media Companies. On-demand enterprise storage provisioning with the ability to transfer to / from any cloud environment and share large media files with anyone in the world.

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